Welcome to the official Delta AFA flight attendants campaign video channel. With the merger with Northwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines now is the worlds largest airline, and Delta flight attendants are dedicated to making it the worlds greatest, proudly serving air passengers around the globe.

We see opportunity at the new Delta. We are a world-class airline essentially in a League of Our Own. We will be the largest group of flight attendants in the world, and we are proud of our company and of our profession. We want and will demand success of the airline and of ourselves.

We need a voice to accomplish this. Thats why we believe we need representation so we can sit at the table with Delta executives and speak for ourselves. Together, we are a powerful voice for ourselves, and for our profession.

There are lots of issues at stake as we board this new world-class airline, not the least of which is our role as world-class flight attendants.


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